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GCHB CH MBISS Windward’s Lady Mayflower (Maisie)

Maisie b2017

Maisie’s pedigree

Am CH./AU GCH & MBIS Minado's American ExpressHOF/NSC/MBISS CH. Lieblinghaus Chief Executive, CD, JH, VC, CGC, TDI, ROMXXNSC/CH Pawmarc's Sierra Mountain SongAm/Can CH. NMK's Placer Country Snowbird
CH. Abiqua Pawmarc's Alpenglow
NSC/MBISS CH. Lieblinghaus Here's To Freedom, JH, ROMCH. Lieblinghaus Flagstaff CD
CH. Lieblinghaus Miss Liberty
HOF/CH. Minado's I-M Precious Crystal, ROMXAm/Mex CH. Minado's Maekenet MacCH. Maekenet's Flying Persuasion
HOF Oxton Minado's Inga V. Grief, ROMXX
CH. Minado's Izabov Greif SHCH. Marilee's Ziel V. Jango
HOF Oxton Minado's Inga V. Grief, ROMXX
CH. LegacyK Purple TansyCan NSC/MBIS/MBISS Am/Can GCH LegacyK Blue SundayBIS/BISS Am/Can CH. Bulkley Skye's The Limit, FDJCH. Wyndbourne The Chances Are
BIS CH. Cheza's Stelor On Disguise
CH Melissany n LegacyK SensatilonAm/Can CH. Thomashenry's Travis McGee
CH. GDR Pawmarc's Dream Catcher
BIS/BISS Am/Can CH. Flowr Crk Marquis Goin For The GoldBIS/BISS Am/Can CH. Minado's Oxton Grief's EncoreCH. Maekenet's Flying Persuasion
HOF/CH. Minado's I-M Precious Crystal, ROM
Am/Can UKC CH Flower Creek's Pretty WomanBIS UKC GrCH Am/Can CH. Flower Creek Big Guy, JH TT
Serakraut's Bleugras Rave Revu

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